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“We didn’t realize we were making memories, we just knew we were having fun.” - A.A. Milne, author of Winnie-the-Pooh

Date night, anniversary, birthday, proposal, baby moon, whatever your special event, make it groovy with our iconic VW experiences. We have a Vintage Date Night with Marie, a gorgeous orange 1977 VW camper bus. We are also available to create custom magical experiences. We’re all about play and fun with this iconic car.

Meet Emily & Marie


Marie is the inspiration for Sweet Orange. She’s an orange 1977 Westfalia, mostly original, and Emily’s her biggest fan. 

I, Emily, am an original Southern California girl. My family moved to San Clemente in 1971. While I’ve lived in Hong Kong, the UK, and Prague, So Cal’s my very favorite - the beauty grabs you and the vibe hangs on. In many ways it still feels like the 70s.


I’m not only a lover of So Cal, I’m a lover of VW buses. In 1968 my parents purchased a brand new bus in Germany, camped all over Europe, and then shipped her back for a life in California. My second bus was an avocado green Westfalia lovingly dubbed Lazarus because he came back from the dead many times. Marie is my third bus and she found me after many months of dreaming - it was meant to be.


One thing you learn quickly is that you’re not incognito in a VW bus. Everyone wants to look around and tell you their stories of epic times in their bus, their parents’ bus, or even their neighbors’. The stories always end with a wistful sigh and, “gosh I miss that bus.”  And thus Sweet Orange, a boutique experience company, was born. 

Our Most Popular Adventures

Would you like to go on a memorable tour? Our guides know exactly what you need! The sceneries we have for you are going to make your vacation unforgettable!

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Vintage V W Bus Date Night at the Beach

Sunset, sand, and surf - nowhere’s better to experience it than from the pop top at a beach so iconic it was memorialized by The Beach Boys with Marie, a 1977 VW bus.

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Vintage VW Bus Family Beach Day

Bring your kids and travel back to a simpler time where every VW bus was filled with happy kids. Everything is provided from boogie boards to sunscreen. Come and enjoy your day at the beach with Marie, at 1977 VW bus.

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Choose Your Own Adventure

We’re creative but you are too - what fun and exciting adventure can we create with you?


Cruise the Coast on a Vespa

While she’s an Italian machine, Magnolia is just as home on the California coast. When two wheels call (and you have a motorcycle license), this scooter is just the ticket.

Happy People


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