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Play for Resilience, Lower Stress, and Innovation

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The science is in. The PhDs have definitively proven* that play is as important as sleep and nutrition and that organizations and businesses benefit when their people play. Emily will help you do just that. 

The play begins when you hear her loud infectious laugh and continues through stories that inspire and instruct. The audience participation brings the principles home and helps them stick.

A practicing lawyer, single mom to 3 kids, and a person living in the real world, Emily knows how the grind of life can wear you down until play feels like something only for kids and billionaires.

Not So. Emily Will Show Your Attendees Why And How To
Add Play Into Their Lives For

Increased resilience

Innovation and problem solving

Less stress

Better teamwork

A more joyful life

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Play This Button to Unlock the Secrets of Play with Emily

Emily brings the science of play, the demonstration of play, and the experience of play. She sends your participants back into the world with the tools and inspiration to put play back into their lives and reap all the benefits science promises.

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When you hear her infectious laugh, you know that Emily Chase Smith knows a thing or two about playing. What you might not know is how she got there.

A natural-born player Emily was, to her mother’s chagrin, the loudest kid on the playground. During a childhood spent with 3 channels, no cable, and a looong distance to playmates other than her younger siblings, creativity and play filled her days.

And then, like so many others, Emily became “responsible”. As the youngest in her law school class, she learned how to put her nose on the grindstone and played away with her stuffed bear Grizzer. A civil litigation attorney and single mother of 3, the ability to grind served her well, but the drive to play would not be ignored.

Emily began her speaking career as a business financial speaker and the author of the Financially Savvy Entrepreneur. While she spoke on money in business, she infused it with play. While still she believes financial savvy is important, she now fills the stage with a message she believes is more fundamental -  play is essential, its benefits are legion, and a ‘77 VW bus is always a good idea.


The science is clear - play provides the most tangible deliverables of almost any activity or discipline, and yet the seriousness of life can make it feel like play is frivolous or even impossible - the domain of children and billionaires. 

This keynote touches lightly on the benefits of play but before you know it, Emily has taken you along on a play-venture. By the end, participants have played, have felt its benefits in real time, and have a playbook for adding play into their daily lives. The gain to the organization is more resilient and innovative members with reduced stress and increased problem solving.

Time: 30- 45 minutes

(Can be customized)


Workshop / Breakout

Coupled with a keynote or freestanding, this workshop or breakout session brings the play. There will be activities, there will be attendee interaction, and there will be varied ways to experience play. Laughter is guaranteed as is silliness. It’s a IRL play-venture. 

Having now known play firsthand, the gain to the organization is more resilient and innovative members with reduced stress and increased problem solving. The play, now cemented through experience, lives on.

Time: 1 hour, 30 minutes

(Can be customized)


Unforgettable Moments

If you’d like to speak about your event, send three days and times you’re available (Pacific time) to emily at sweetorangeadventures dot com and we will confirm availability. 

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It’s time for a Play-Venture.
Get ready for play-venture
It’s time to play Play, it’s not just for billionaires and kids Anymore

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© Emily flies from Santa Ana, California and Marseille, France.

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