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VW buses embody joy, freedom, and simplicity - and fun! Don’t just swivel your head when one passes by, experience the joy for yourself. 

Hang with Marie, aka Sweet Orange, a classic 1977 VW Westfalia at the iconic Doheny Beach Dana Point. Toes in the sand, there’s no better activity after a full day of play in So Cal, 

Meet Marie (and Emily) at Doheny State Beach in Dana Point an hour before sunset. Drive in past the campground and you’ll find her pop top up with chairs and blankets at the ready. 

Relax, listen to the waves, take a walk, or watch the sunset over the ocean. Chill in the chairs, on the sand, or become a child again in the pop top.

Marie is very photogenic so you’ll have a treasure trove of photos memorialize your time together on your own slice of beachfront paradise. 

Enjoy 2 hours and leave with precious memories. Morning, afternoon, and sunset available. Suitable for 2 people.



It’s a Beach Bus Hang plus ebikes!

Along with Marie, you’ll find 2 RadRunner electric bikes (and helmets) charged and ready at Doheny Beach in Dana Point - with helmets of course. These bikes are super easy to ride. Use as much, or as little, effort as you want - you can use them like a scooter. Explore the beach, ride down to the Dana Point Harbor and have a drink, ride up Palisades Drive and take in the beautiful view. 

Come back to Marie, she’ll be waiting for you. Chill in the chairs, on the sand, or dangle your feet from the pop top with the zipper undone for that cool ocean breeze. 

Don’t forget to fill your phone with pics of you and Marie on your own slice of beachfront paradise. 

Morning, afternoon, or sunset, 2 hours later you’ll feel like a local. Suitable for 2 people

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Marie, aka Sweet Orange, Rad ebikes, and tasty bites.

This package is Bus, Bikes plus Bites. Choose from fruit and cheese, a charcuterie board, or wine and chocolate. Watch the sunset over the water in the chairs, on the sand, or become a child again in the pop top.

Morning, afternoon, or sunset, your bikes await to take you hither and yon and Marie stands at the ready for the chill.

2 hours, 2 people, 2 much fun.

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Have an idea for a fun-filled day?

Dream of a chauffeured trip around So Cal?

Want Marie to usher you to and from your wedding?

Making a movie and need a bright orange star?

Want to break the ‘gram with your epic photos?

Let’s design it together!

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