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Vintage V W Bus

Date Night At The Beach

It’s the grooviest date on the California coast - you, your sweetie, and Marie, the hippiest VW bus who’s been cruising PCH since 1977.

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Travel back to a groovier time when the surf was up, the sun set low, and the beach was really swinging man. You’ll meet Marie and your host Emily, at the historic Doheny State Beach, memorialized in The Beach Boys song, Surfin’ Safari. You’ll find Marie, pop top up and flags flying, ocean front, with cold drinks

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Then it’s time for all things VW bus. Learn why they were invented, why their popularity boomed, and how to tell the vintages apart. Popular the world over, you’ll learn why VW stopped making the bus and the highest price ever paid for one of these marvels. The winner of a friendly quiz is crowned
the Bus Babe.

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After your short course, it’s time for a few photos - Marie is nothing if not photogenic. Inside, outside, water, and sand you’re limited only by your imagination and mastery of silly faces. Emily will then leave the two of you to enjoy your date night together.

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Fun-tivities abound. Take a walk along the beach or play some games before the sun sets because you’ll want to be in the pop top when it does. As the sky fills with brilliant oranges and yellows it could be any decade but most importantly you’re together spending an evening you’ll always remember.

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As dark descends, Emily will rejoin your party and set you on your way with a treasure trove of memories from your own slice of beachfront paradise.

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Optional - add a beautiful charcuterie tray with meats, cheeses, fruit, fresh bread, pickles, olives, and more from local café Masion make the night even more special.

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